#192: Werd


An update about Tess's favorite word.

Look at your calendar. Go ahead. Look at this Sunday, September 23rd. If you're gonna be in Maine that day, or you're capable of traveling to Maine that day, you should come to a party. The party is for Tess. It's a fundraiser. Every penny we raise will go to research on Tess's disease. We had our first one of these last September, and we raised $35,000 in one night. We're hoping to smash that record this year. And you—yes you, Tess Army—can help us do that. This Sunday, September 23rd, come to Slab, the pizza restaurant in Portland, ME. We'll be there from 1 to 6pm. Tickets are 70 bucks at the door, and we'll have a rockin band, silent auction, raffle, door prizes, and a live auction that starts around 5pm. Our whole family will be there, so come by and say hi. Check in on Tess, if you haven't seen her in a while. You'll be blown away by 1) how tall she's gotten 2) how fast she is on her feet and 3) how much better she's gotten at communication. That's 1pm at Slab this Sunday the 23rd. Don't miss it.