#112: Up

A simple game on a couch. In the endless enigma of Tess's communication, we unlock a huge piece.

Hey there, Tess Army. This past weekend I started this Facebook group called DAAM. As in, "DAAM, these people are serious about protecting disability rights!" Click here to check it out. 

We're already at almost 150 people.

It's a group for action items--specific things you can do to protect Tess's rights. I promise that it'll be action items only. No inspiration porn, no nonsense.

We need you. You'll notice that one of the A's is for Allies. Are you in Maine? Are you rooting for Tess? If so, you're an ally.

Our first action item is already up. It's about special education for the T-Bird. We need you to make some calls this week. Are you in? Click here to join us.