Catch Up with Tess

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Since early 2015, I’ve been producing a weekly podcast about our life with Tess. The point of the podcast is to help me make sense of what happens. Another point: it gives our friends and family updates on the latest developments about our T-Bird.

I just made my 200th episode. It’s called Stronger Every Day. (Just like this blog.)

In the podcast, just so you know—sometimes I swear. It makes me feel better. It’s also a way to be honest about things. If plans go awry, and later you’re telling the story of how they went awry, there are times when nothing will do except an F-bomb. And some wiseassery. You’ve been warned.

In case you’re new to the podcast, and you want to catch up, it’s a bit daunting. I mean, there are 200 freakin’ episodes—where to begin? But I’ve identified some key episodes. Covering everything from seizures and ER trips, to how to deal with strangers who stare or say mean stuff, to the whole sibling issue, to the unbelievably amazing people we’ve met through our journey so far.

These are those essential six episodes (click titles to listen):

#35-We Find an Answer

#82-Here's the Deal

#95-When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be a Sweetie-Pie

#117-We Belong

#183-Tess in the ER

#195-Stories from the Land Where Cures Are Found

Click ‘em, listen, and then tune in every Wednesday for a new episode about what’s happening with Tess. I’m on iTunes and Stitcher.